About me

Behind the camera

Hey there, my name is Viktoriia Hnativ. I'm a family and wedding photographer from Lviv, Ukraine. My story goes back to 2010 when I took up photography as a hobby. At first, I enjoyed casually taking some pictures of nature or animals here and there but never considered becoming a photographer seriously. It all changed the day I joined my first courses in photography and true dedication to the world of photography was born. From the moment I took first steps in a portrait photography I couldn't imagine myself without it anymore. Rewarding as it is, this is what charges me with energy and inspires. During the last years my passion turned into a full-time job. In fact, it turned into the best job ever! 


Before the photoshoot people often start our conversation with saying 'we don't know how to pose', 'we aren't photogenic', 'we're sooo worried', 'we're not models', 'we have no prior experience', 'tell us what to do', etc. Sounds similar? Fortunately, 6 years of working with people helped me to get it. It's all about the attitude. My aspiration is to make each person I'm working with enjoy the process. Photography - is a therapy. Lets relax, enjoy the time during a photoshoot, have some fun, drink coffee, laugh, cherish time well-spent with your dearest. Want to hear my key secret to dynamic and emotional photos? Open up and be yourself. Every picture tells a story and I'm looking forward to capture yours!


Have some questions? Feel free to contact me for more information:


+38 096 47 22 916